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Launching a business can be tough, especially when you're flying solo. Sure there's tons of books, blogs, and podcasts with great tips and tricks, but what you really need is a plan. Not just a business plan you slap together to show a bank, but a real blueprint for everything you need to have and know before you take the leap. Launch Bootcamp was designed to teach people with a talent and passion the other side of entreprenueralhood....the business of selling a brand! Together, in this two day workshop, we will cover it all!

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Sneak Peak Inside

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understand exactly who your audience is and what they need from you

  • Learn to properly research your market vs competitor’s analysis

  • Confidently determine who your audience is and where to find them

  • Understand demographic vs psycho-graphic data and how to apply them to your campaigns

  • Find the gap in your market to establish your positioning

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Get CLARITY on your business idea by identifying the one offer that will maximize profits, while fueling your passion.

  • Determine which business model best suites your idea and future plans

  • Learn how to vet, choose and optimize your BIG offer

  • Validate your idea before you go all in


Create a scale-able infrastructure that allows you to be frugal with start up expenses, without sacrificing brand integrity.

  • Financials: The cost of doing business

  • Creating Structure on a Budget

  • Goal Setting and Project Management: How to actually implement what you want to accomplish

  • What to automate from the start

  • Preparing to hire and knowing what to hire for

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develop a practical,uncomplicated branding and marketing plan you can manage

  • The essentials of a charismatic brand

  • Deciding where to focus your marketing time and money

  • How to create a marketing campaign

  • Logo and Design Basics and Buyer’s Guide


What people are saying…

I have two business degrees, but this was the best course I’ve ever taken in business.

— Napthali Bryant, SPARK-ED University
Zahra helped us tremendously through the journey of articulating our brand. It’s something we wish we had done earlier on in our business. She was awesome at keeping me on track, even with the overwhelm of entrepreneurship.
— Mike Miller, Madge's Food Company
My experience with Zahra has been transformational for my brand and for my new product launch in 2018. I know I can trust her to deliver with an expertise that surpasses normal expectations.
— Nicole Greene, Dream Life Consulting LLC
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I know, first hand how frustrating it can be to leave a workshop with a ton of great advice, but feel lost when it comes to applying the concepts to my business. That’s why I’ve added a few extras to make sure this workshop is a game changer for you.

  • Action list items we will do together in class, so you can can ask question whether you are tuning in via webinar or sitting in class

  • A recording of the entire workshop available for 14 days on a password protected website

  • A live Facebook Q & A session 7 days after the workshop where you can ask me ANYTHING!