What are your fees/pricing?

Our pricing varies quite a bit depending on the scope of work.  Document editing will typically have a different fee than original document procurement.  Also, the type of document/documents requested will impact the cost.  A typical blog for example can cost between $40 - $300 depending on the length, SEO specificity, and amount of research required. We do offer a complimentary consultation to discuss the work to be done and will provide our clients with an itemized proposal before work begins.


What's included in my purchase?

  • PDF copy of all materials created
  • consultations and meetings regarding project
  • all drafting and revision services
  • all research time

*There may be additional fees for specific research requests such as marketing reports, however this will be included in proposal fee

* There are additional fees for bound hard-copies of material to include print fees and postage fees.

What can I use the documents for?

The documents are yours to keep to edit and use as you need for your business.  The only limitation we put on our documents is that they are not to be used for resale.  Meaning, you cannot use these documents or plagiarize them for redistribution.  These documents are created for your organization's individual use only.  See more in our terms and contracting.