Episode 1.1: The Power of Scrappy

We all know that even huge companies experience set backs, but what remains a mystery sometimes is how they overcome those setbacks and create raving fans despite big fails. Luckily, the creators of Method have pulled back the curtain on some of their big mistakes and how they were able to turn near disasters into enormous wins. Join me inside Brand your Business Book Club Episode 1, where I will talk about the power of innovation, perspective, and the journey of a company that went from selling cleaners from the truck of their car to an international phenomenon. 

This episode will be the first in our series reviewing The Method Method by Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry. 

Summary of Episode:

07:42- Defining Scrappy

10:11- Lesson #1 Being Vulnerable Enough to Learn and ask for help

15:34- Lesson #2 Money Trouble Will Always Exist If you Don’t Understand What Affects Your Finances

23:21- Lesson #3 Resilience Trumps Everything

24:28 - Final Thoughts and the Story of The Method’s Big Scale

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Next Episode coming soon!

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