As the daughter and granddaughter of librarians, I suppose it’s only natural that I love to read. However, I remember my first few years as an entrepreneur, I found it really hard to make time for books. Despite my best efforts, getting in reading time was nearly impossible. Yet, I knew that my business was only grow as much I it’s leader, so I eventually made the time to develop and educate myself through great books.

One day as I was talking to a friend about a book I was reading, she mentioned how she had so many books she wanted to get to, collecting dust on the shelf. I suddenly thought, “I can help with this”.

It took a while, but I’m happy to announce this new vlog series called Brand your Business Book Club.  This digital book club will take some of my favorite books that I believe will help grow your brand and break it down into key ideas and topics.... and the best part is you don't have to actually read the book to join in! 

Get ready to get a sneak peek into the world of brand leaders and learn from the masters.

I hope you can join me!


Featured Series

Method Series (1).png


Learn how 2 men turned their crazy idea into an international product with millions of raving fans and how we can use their “methods” to do the same.


The Tipping Series.png


Ever wish your brand could have that “magic” quality that draws customers in by the millions? I’ve always been fascinated by how an idea, trend, or social behavior can become an epidemic. In this book, Malcolm Gladwell discusses this phenomenon and how it is already changing how people think about products and ideas.



Is there a book you would like me to cover? Let me know below!