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Full disclosure....this page is pretty lengthy.  This is partly because I'm a writer, and partly because I know how important it is for you to understand my "how". 

Because of the nature of my services, it's infinitely more important that you have a good sense of who I am and my approach to projects.  With most product purchases you have very little interaction with the creator, but that's not the case when working with a consultant.  We are every bit as part of the purchase as your delivered material. So, it's important for you know whether or not we are a fit, personally.

If there is one thing I've learned about working as a consultant on various projects, it's that in order for you to strike gold everyone has to be on the same page.  If we can all buy in to the same goal and agree on the best approach to accomplish that goal, then the work becomes clear and enjoyable.

My background in business and marketing has helped me to understand your goals as a business owner. I've written material to help drive traffic to my website; I've on-boarded employees, both with and without culture training;  I've created a logo for my own business and articulated my own brand;  I've written several curricula, complete with worksheets and slide decks, and then used them to stand in front of a class and teach; I've written speeches that I've had to deliver to live audiences. 

Why does it matter?  Most writers and consultants create material that is given to others to use.  They are unaware of how it functions in the real world.  It is usually the business owner who has to work out the kinks and optimize the work. I've been there.  I know a lot of the kinks, and have built tools into my services that circumvent them.

               My Story

    Once upon a time there was a gal with a passion for writing and a head for business that made her a career in marketing and copy writing. (that's me!)

    This journey allowed her to work with Fortune 500 companies, international clients, and inspiring local businesses.

    In fact, this gal even decided to take the entrepreneurial leap both launching her own business, and in support of her husband's culinary venture.

    One of the wonderful things she discovered about owning a local Texas business, is that the kindness and neighborly way of life in Texas was wholly adopted in the business arena as well. 

    Now don't get me wrong, this gal has had her fair share of entrepreneurial heartbreaks, but deeply immersed in a supportive community there was little excuse to not get back in the saddle.

    As the great Marie Forleo says, "everything is figure-outable!". 

    And figure out she did!

    Inspired, by not only her own challenges, but also those of her small business community, this gal was determined to understand what existed in the gap between small business and industry leaders like, Nike and Starbucks.

    How were these big brands able to command such attention and loyal followings even through growing pains and shifting markets?

    She took courses and read books. She connected with gurus and dissected case studies.  And as she peeled back the mystery, layer by layer, she finally arrived at the core of successful businesses.....BRAND!

    Remarkable BRAND IDENTITIES were found at the center of every wildly successful brand.  These charismatic and deeply rooted personas were the secret to creating clarity, trustworthiness, and desirability.  They allowed businesses to build teams that "got it" and customers that acted more like ambassadors.

    Now only one question remained.... Why then, do some advertising and marketing firms nail it and others fail at it?

    Again, the answer was brand. Advertising and Marketing firms are created to strategically communicate your brand and products. They focus on awareness and conversion strategies.  What most small marketing firms are not equipped to do is create the brand - that's your job. 

        Seeing the Need

    As this gal got deeper into her research, this point was becoming increasingly significant. 

    She had seen this phenomenon before in her writing career.  Writers, who would skip the editor and head straight to publisher.  Now, the publisher's job was to UNDERSTAND the themes and audience of the book in order to properly position and promote sales, however the onus of CREATING a clear theme, sticking to that theme throughout the book and ensuring the correct audience is identified is on the writer.  

    Sure, the publisher can give tips here and there based on their experience, but they cannot create themes and advise on the content of the book...

    Enter the editor.

    It's the editor that works with the writer to help them ARTICULATE their theme and audience and ensures the messaging and content remain on target. It is the editor that challenges the writer to create remarkable characters.


    Here is where the gap lies...

             Finding the Solution

    As business owners, you are the visionary of your brand.  The writer of your own success story.  I truly believe you have tremendous potential to grow your brand, if you can achieve these two things:

    1. Craft a remarkable brand identity.

    2. Clearly communicate your brand to your ideal customer, your stake holders, and your team.

    I have carefully crafted my products and services to help you overcome these two obstacles. My role is to stand in the gap to help you develop your brand identity and integrate it into the very fabric of your business.

    My goal is to help you develop a brand identity of significance that is ready to be advertised and marketed to the right audience.

    I know what it's like to be at a loss in business and also how real the stakes can be.

    I know the feeling of spending your last $10k on a marketing plan that feels more like a crap shoot than an strategic formula.

    I also know how different if looks and feels to do it right.

    If you are ready to re-write your story and turn your business into a wild success, you've come to the right place!

    Let's get Started...