Our Approach

Do you feel overwhelmed by the written demands of your organization? Does it ever feel like you'll never get uninterrupted time in front of the computer to update those forms or write that case study? If this sounds familiar, you've come to the right place!

The Business Author specializes in identifying and communicating your brand to the world. From external marketing and copy writing, to recruiting campaigns and training manuals, we put you in sync with your target audience.

We do this by following a specific formula allowing us to focus in on your objectives and organize all of your data into clearly structured material.  By doing so, we create create engaging written material focused on your objectives. It's all about simple, engaging content.

Here at the Business Author, we understand the power of the written word and specialize in harnessing that power to translate into dollars for your organization.  The right message on an e-mail campaign can grow your non-profit's donations exponentially.  Having updated training material for your staff reduces waste and errors, while increasing productivity. Getting those brochures and mailers out or finally starting your newsletter can build your lead list overnight.

Don't let these written project hold your organization back from the success you are meant to have.

Why we are awesome!

If there is a way to make something more efficient, we're all about it! The Business Author not only offers writing services, but consulting services ranging from brand identity to operations evaluations.  Let us help organize and streamline your business! Our services also include a temporary Gmail Suit account for remote clients in order to facilitate virtual meetings and simplify editing and revision work.