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Then, you are in luck!, This FREE downlaod is a Buyer's Guide to affordable software for small businesses who need to build consistency in their brand!

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The Secret to Writing a Mind Blowing Bio

Read this quick how to guide on how to write a bio that pops and will keep your audience engaged!


do you ever feel like you have no idea what your customers want?

If you've ever felt disconnected from your ideal customer, this FREE download is a must have. With question, instruction, and tech guide, you'll have everything you need to get to know your ideal customer.

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Hi There!

My name is Zahra and I'm a brand author. I help business owners and nonprofit organizations craft powerful brands. Brands that not only tell stories, but also make a big impact. By carefully crafting a brand identity, you can create the business of your dreams. Keep scrolling to see how!

Getting To Know You


I've worked with a ton of organizations, and one thing I know about entrepreneurs is that theirs is a labor of love.  It's for this reason I take the time to get to know my clients.  In most cases, the things about your business that make your eyes light up will also make your ideal client's eyes light up too. 


People don’t buy what you do - they buy why you do it
— Simon Sinek

Running Low on Time?


I hear ya! I've got a stack of books I never seem to have enough time to get through.  Podcasts are the perfect solution to working on your business while attending to life. Click here for more details!